Put life into your strategy

Story-powered Strategy to make your strategy to come to life is one of two programmes I offer. The other one is Storytelling for Leaders, which provides the basics of business storytelling.

How to make your strategy come to life?

Do you recognise the following situation? You’re standing in front of your employees and you tell them about the direction you want your organisation to take. You find out afterwards that your message hasn’t really landed. So now what?


This is a very common situation. Let me give you an example.


Your people think winter tyres, not strategy

Some time ago I talked to the CEO and founder of a Belgian IT company of 120 people. He regularly goes cycling with groups of his employees to listen to what they've got to say.


He likes to steer the conversation into the direction of vision, purpose and strategy of the company. With mixed results at best. They're more interested in what winter tyres to put on their car. 


This is all too common. 50 - 80% of any organisation's people don't know the strategy or how it is relevant to them, let alone that they can act in line with it. This is a sorry state, given all the effort and time that is put into developing a strategy.

Story-Powered Strategy

Story-Powered Strategy is a programme that will make your people understand and care about your strategy. When you've completed it:


  • Your leaders will be on the same page about your strategy 
  • They can explain the strategic choices in a way that will stick with the listeners 
  • They will feel owenership of your stratgey.
  • Your strategy will inspire
  • Your people will understand its relevance for them
  • They will be able to make better decisions.

The programme to make your strategy stick

You've got a strategy and we will help you make it come to life. The programme consists of four blocks:


  1. Prepare to making the strategy work
    When this is block has been completed, you will have a confirmed and supported strategy. And you will have a programme to communicate it.
  2. Craft your strategy story
    This block delivers your strategy story plus a video of how to tell it.
  3. Connect everyone with your strategy 
    You will have leaders with the confidence to tell the strategy story in their own words, using their own axamples.
    Your employees will understand the strategy and why strategic choices were made.
    Everyone will be inspired to bring the strategy to life.
  4. Embed your strategy stories
    You will have an embedded process for sharing and discussing stories of strategy in action.
    You will also have a number of initial stories to get the process going.
    And you will have a deeply embedded strategy.


We customise the exact contents of these blocks, the how and what, to meet your situation and needs.


What is in it for you?

This programme enables you to get vastly more value out of your strategy. Your people are more likely to work in support of the direction you want to go. You won't have to look over their shoulders all the time. Their sense of responsibility will increase. You are more likely to get feedback on what's working and what isn't. If necessary you can adjust your tactics.


If this appeals to you, please go to the contact form and get in touch with me.


I am accredited to deliver the Story-Powered Strategy™ programme under license from Anecdote International Pty Ltd.