Make your point stick

The purpose of Storytelling for Leaders is to get your message across in a powerful, memorable way. Your audience will be able to re-tell your point. Their sense of engagement will go up. They are more likely to act in line with your message. 

Business storytelling: something for you?

Lots of managers feel like they need to inspire more, motivate better, and engage their people more actively. Do you feel you’re one of them?


  • Do your people make decisions that are not in line with your strategy?
  • Do you feel you’re micro-managing too much?
  • How do you keep your employees engaged while you’re growing?


Do these kinds of questions go through your head every now and again? Then the ability to tell a story to make a business point could be for you.


Two methods to get your message across

There are two methods to get a message across: the story method and the assertion method.


The assertion method is the norm in business communication. People use it to state things, often in vague, grand sounding language. 


Here's an example, which I took from the Cognizant website where they explain what their Digital Studio does. Try to read it to the end and then ask yourself what it means:


We help you to digitally transform your company. We ideate, prototype, and our multidisciplinary team of specialists will rapidly implement and deliver at scale.


Right. Does this type of assertion sound familiar to you?


How would you feel about the story method?

Suppose the assertions above had been preceded by something like this:


Last year  we got together with a major Dutch insurance company. As 75% of their customer contacts had moved on-line, they had lost sight of their clients. In just a day their and our experts created clear images of their customers. We call these persona. They are now using these to create a vastly better digital customer experience. 


Compare this little story with the actual text on the website: which one has got more impact? In my view the story allows you to create some picture in your head of what they do. Stories are facts wrapped in context, delivered with emotion.


The programme of Storytelling for Leaders

Storytelling for Leaders is:


  • A 6-month learning programme
  • Starting with 4 workshops of 2 hours each
  • Followed by a deliberate practice programme that will help you establish the habit of business storytelling.


We offer both off-line and on-line instructor-led delivery.


What is in it for you?

It is ideal for improving your communication and presentation skills. For providing inspiration and meaning. The quality of the decisions your people make will go up. So will their level of engagement. You will have more time to lead, rather than manage.


If this appeals to you, please go to the contact form and get in touch with me.


I am accredited to deliver the Storytelling For Leaders™ programme under license from Anecdote International Pty Ltd.